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LIONEL 020X 45° CROSSOVER "O" 17-42 020X

LIONEL 020X 45° CROSSOVER "O" 17-42 020X

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O Gauge 45 Degree Crossing No. 020X goes back to the very beginning of O Gauge during the pre-war years. Production dates are: 1917-1942 pre-war, and 1946-1959 post war. Track variations are, for the most part, not collected and as such there are only two known variations:
Variation A: Has a BLACK metal base with a BROWN Bakelite center that is inscribed "LIONEL CORP. / O20X / CROSSING / NEW YORK," and RED center rail insulators.
Variation B: Same as Variation A except for a BLACK Bakelite center and BLACK center rail insulators.

This could make a great addition to your collection railroad layout or gift for a friend

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