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LIONEL 6110 2-4-2 LOCOMOTIVE 6001T TENDER, 50-51

LIONEL 6110 2-4-2 LOCOMOTIVE 6001T TENDER, 50-51

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The Lionel Columbia Type 2-4-2-Locomotive No. 6110 was issued as a modified Scout locomotive in 1950. Produced on a painted BLACK die-cast body with SILVER rubber-stamped number on the cab, but without the ornamental trim that was on the No. 1101.

Equipped with a plastic motor, it came with a two position directional control whose fibre positional lever was located between the domes on top of the locomotive. This engine was not lighted, and there is no headlight lens. It was equipped with Magnetraction and was issued with a No. 6001T early coal Scout tender equipped with Scout trucks.

This locomotive has a unique smoke unit that required a hole that is in the front of the boiler. This is so that when the train was in motion the air flowing through this hole would force the smoke out of the smoke stack. Aside from this hole, this locomotive has the same boiler as the No. 1110 and No. 1120. There are no variations.

This locomotive was designed to work on O27 Gauge track and it will also run on O Gauge track.

This could make a great addition to your collection railroad layout or gift for a friend

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