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LIONEL 6419 DL&W WORK CABOOSE 48-50, 52-55

LIONEL 6419 DL&W WORK CABOOSE 48-50, 52-55

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The D.L. & W. Work Caboose No. 6419 replaced the No. 2419 in 1948 and would be available until 1950. It was again produced from 1952 until 1955. The trucks on the early issues were staple-end with magnetic couplers at both ends. Later issues would have bar-end trucks. This caboose has a LIGHT GRAY painted die-cast flat car frame with heat-stamped lettering, tool boxes, steps at the four corners, two brake wheels and hand rails, a ladder, and a high smoke stack. There are two variations:
Variation A: Has staple-end trucks as described above. Produced in 1948-1950.
Variation B: Has bar-end trucks with magnetic couplers. Also produced under the No. 6419-25. 1952-1955 Production.


This could make a great addition to your collection railroad layout or gift for a friend

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