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Hyper_Drive Galaxy One

Hyper_Drive Galaxy One

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I'm excited to introduce our newest invention, the Hyper_Drive Galaxy One industrial 3D printer, after many hours of hard work, endurance, and late nights driven by passion and determination. We've spent countless hours honing every detail of this innovative technology, and it's now prepared to completely transform the market.

Hyper_Drive Galaxy One Industrial Grade 3D Printer Overview

• Revolutionizes additive manufacturing technology for demanding industrial applications.
• Features robust construction and precision engineering for heavy-duty production environments.
• Offers unmatched reliability, speed, and accuracy for seamless integration into manufacturing processes.
• Delivers unparalleled performance from rapid prototyping to end-use part production.
• Offers customizable features and scalable solutions for achieving manufacturing goals.
• Joins the ranks of industry leaders and pioneers who trust Hyper_Drive for innovation and excellence.

- Build volume: 300x300x300 mm
- 110 volt bed heater
- Beacon bed leveling system
- 500°C Chube hotend
- Heated chamber for optimal printing conditions
- Onboard 2 spool filament dryer
- All-metal lightweight gantry for stability and precision
- 3-point bed leveling with ball screws for precise calibration
- All-metal construction for durability and reliability
- 48-volt power supply for consistent performance
- Fully enclosed chamber for temperature control and safety
- Core XY motion system for smooth and accurate movement
- Super bright LEDs in chamber for visibility during printing
- Kevlar belts for long-lasting durability
- Touch screen operation for user-friendly interface
- LGX Pro Lite extruder for reliable filament feeding
- Leviathan control board for advanced functionality
- 2x 40x28mm part cooling fans for efficient cooling
- 120mm electronics fan for system cooling
- Klipper firmware for optimized printing performance
- WiFi operation for remote monitoring and control
- American-made for quality assurance and support of local economy
- Fully assembled for immediate use
- Hand-delivered for personalized service
- On-site training for seamless integration into your workflow
- Maintenance plans available for peace of mind and long-term reliability.

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