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LIONEL 1666-E 2-6-2 LOCOMOTIVE (O27), 38-42 (B) BLACK

LIONEL 1666-E 2-6-2 LOCOMOTIVE (O27), 38-42 (B) BLACK

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The Lionel Prairie Type 2-6-2-Locomotive No. 1666 would be available in 1946, and although not listed in the consumer catalog, a listing in the Lionel Service Manual indicates that it was also produced in 1947. This locomotive used the same boiler as the No. 224.
This engine was equipped with nickel-rimmed spoked driving wheels, drive and connecting rods with an eccentric crank, die-cast front and rear trucks, handrails, and a detailed cab. A three position directional unit whose control lever is right behind the smoke stack controls the direction of this locomotive that is lighted with a head light lens.
Came with a No. 2466W tender equipped with staple-end trucks and one electronic coupler.
There are four variations:

Variation A: Has blackened metal hand rails, swivel ornamental bell is fastened to the top of the boiler by a screw, hatches on top of sand dome, die-cast pilot truck held to steam chest by a screw, and the cab number is printed on a metal plate. 1946 Production.

Variation B: Same as Variation A except with SILVER hand rails. (1946)

Variation C: Has smooth sand domes, SILVER hand rails, sheet metal pilot truck and steam chest are held in place by posts in the boiler casting, and the number is rubber-stamped on the sides of the cab. (1947)

Variation D: Same as Variation A or Variation B except that inside the cab there is a rubber-stamped 3/8" high ´X´.

This could make a great addition to your collection railroad layout or gift for a friend

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