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The Barrel Loader No. 362 was introduced in 1952 and was available until 1957. This was another of those vibrating accessories. In this case, a vibrator placed beneath the metal ramp would, when activated, move the barrels up the ramp where they would be loaded into a car waiting on the track. Included in the parts envelope No. 362-94 dated 10-52 were two clips (No. 362-82), one of which shown to the right that would space this line side loader at the right distance from the track. These clips are often missing.


When the Barrel Loader was first issued in 1952, Lionel replaced the No. 0209 Barrels with the more commonly found No. 362-78 1-1/4" tall barrels. These smaller barrels worked better with this accessory. These barrels were issued in sets of six and were housed in a middle classic box that is illustrated below. These barrels were available for separate sale until 1958.

Lionel used several different colored stains in the production of these barrels which accounts for the different shades that are found today. They also produced the harder to find RED stained barrels. These are believed to have been issued with the first version of the Operating Barrel Car No. 3562-1 introduced in 1954.

In addition, Lionel issued these barrels in a set of twelve under No. 5158 for their road racing equipment as is illustrated in their 1963 catalog.


All of the instruction sheets for this accessory (No. 362-96) were printed in BLUE ink on WHITE paper and are dated 10-52, 4-53, 4-54, and 4-55. The front page of these instructions is shown below. Latter instruction sheets take into account the 1954 production of the No. 3562 Operating Barrel Car (noted below). A supplementary notice from Lionel (Form 1267) dated 11-52 suggests that the best operation of the Barrel Loader might be accomplished by using variable voltage for optimum performance.

There are three variations:


Variation A: Came with a WHITE figure and the bottom is cadmium plated. Does not have the two access screw holes on the bottom for easy removal of the vibrating mechanism. Sometimes this variation is found with the "LIONEL" on the track side fence section painted in RED. Produced in 1952.

Variation B: Came with a BLUE attendant that has FLESH painted face. This variation still has the cadmium plated bottom, but it also has the screw holes to allow the removal of the vibrating mechanism without the removal of the entire bottom plate. 1953 to 1957 production.

Variation C: Came with a BLUE attendant that does not have a painted face. This variation has a BLACK painted bottom plate. 1953 to 1957 production.


The No. 362 did come with a 364C Controller and a box of six barrels No. 362-78 that is illustrated below. Lionel would put these barrels with some of their other cars like the No. 6462-125 Gondola and the No. 6343 Barrel Ramp Car, but they were not boxed.

This loader did not come with the Operating Barrel Car No. 3562 that was introduced in 1954. To facilitate the use of this car with the barrel loader Lionel included with the car a No. 3562-48 Ramp Clip to bridge the gap between the loader and this car. This ramp clip is illustrated to the right and installed on the top view pictured below.

Dimensions: 19 inches long, 4-1/8 inches wide, and 4 inches high.


No. 362-96 Instruction Sheet Front Page

No. 1257 Instruction Form

This could make a great addition to your collection railroad layout or gift for a friend

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